Nodes Mission Dashboard


Mission Time


Mission Phase

 DEC 6, 2015 - Launch
  - ISS Storage
 May 16, 2016 - Ejection/Initialization
- Experiment
- Educational Ops
October 2017 - De-orbit

Mission Status

 Experiment / Payload
EPISEM science Complete
Networking demo Complete
 Spacecraft Status Summary
Constellation Health Inactive
S-Band Comm Inactive
Beacon Comm Inactive
Thermal Health Inactive
Battery Health Inactive


Nodes Spacecraft - Courtesy NASA

Spacecraft Status

Spacecraft Satellite J Satellite K
S-Band Communications Inactive Inactive
Beacon Communications Inactive Inactive
The operations team is currently preparing for the
EcAMSat mission.
Mission Links

 Ground Segment Status

 Control Nodes
SCU Ops  Primary
CREST Ops  Backup
 S-Band Stations - 3m dishes
SCU-A Operational
SCU-B Backup
CREST  Backup
 UHF Stations 
SCU-OSCAR Operational
SCU-Auto-A Operational
SLU-Auto Operational
WPI-Auto Operational
BAY-Auto Operational
Nodes satellites ejecting from the International Space Station


On-orbit mission control for the Nodes mission is being provided by the students, staff and faculty of Santa Clara University's Robotics Systems Laboratory.

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